Osler - an innovative cloud-based clinical portfolio

How prepared is your workforce?

What skills do they have? Where should you invest your valuable health education efforts?

Osler is here to help. By providing structured competency pathways based on high-quality learning resources and mobile in-workplace assessments, coupled with powerful analytic and reporting tools, you’re best placed to ensure all your staff are ready to perform at their best.


Information at your fingertips

To truly support the growth and development of your junior staff, you need understand what they can do right now. Osler gives you realtime progress information on their progress, right there on your mobile device.

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A new standard of clinical governance

Osler is a new high water mark in clinical governance. Osler helps your institution achieve excellence through outcome-focussed in-workplace competency assessment.

Safer care, fewer costly complications, less staff turnover and more efficient training saves you dollars.

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Accreditation just got a whole lot easier

Continuous monitoring of your accreditation readiness is no longer aspirational - it’s here.

Ensure your institution has the best chance of achieving compliance with real-time monitoring of essential compliance tasks and competencies.


Workforce development

Most Learning Management Systems are rooted in the corporate world. Osler is different.

Osler is designed specifically to manage the unique healthcare environment, for busy clinicians at the patient’s bedside.


Find out how Osler can help maximise your training efficiency