Osler helps you navigate the challenges of clinical training

An increasingly migratory workforce, continuous 24 hour rosters, superimposed clinical responsibilities and a reliance on opportunistic teaching all make training and education in the clinical environment extremely challenging.

Osler helps you deliver the best program possible, providing structure in a chaotic environment.


Information at your fingertips

To truly support the growth and development of your junior staff, you need understand what they can do right now. Osler gives you realtime progress information on their progress, right there on your mobile device.

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Structured pathways

Osler contains over 50 structured clinical training pathways to help your staff achieve their best. Each pathway includes an immersive, multimedia e-Learning, followed by supported supervised practice based on standardised workplace assessments right there on your mobile device.

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Activity monitoring made easy

Capture important activity and complication data from your unit, and display it in real time dashboards and reports.


Enhance your information flow

Embed Osler’s collaboration platform in your unit to improve the flow of critical information to those who need it, all in a secure online environment.

Create groups, run polls and share information across your workforce, dramatically reducing the need for email and improving awareness

Click to take a guided tour of the Osler ePortfolio

Click to take a guided tour of the Osler ePortfolio

Get started quickly and cheaply with Osler

Osler’s nested community subscriptions enable your department to get started quickly and cheaply. Join departments and individual units from across the globe on the Community platform at a fraction of the institutional rates, while still retaining most of the flexibility and functions afforded by a corporate deployment.

If you’d like to find out more on how you can get started with a nested community, contact Osler today.