Automate and digitise assessments, placements, attendance and compliance

Osler Placements helps modern university healthcare programs to digitise, improving student experience and reducing costs.

Digitising assessments, attendance monitoring, student compliance tasks and placements management can significantly reduce administrative costs, while Osler’s Clinical ePortfolio creates an unparalleled environment for self-directed learning and programmatic assessment.


Universities have halved the time spent administering compliance, seen a 90% reduction in overseeing assessments and made processing attendance 67% more efficient.



Osler brings your assessment framework to the bedside, improving feedback quality and supervisor experience, be they guest or known assessors.

Available on any modern mobile device or desktop browser, Osler Assessments enables your program to facilitate programmatic assessment and instant feedback.

Osler Assessments are highly configurable, with a broad range of question types available.



Does your program’s Rules of Progression Policy require attendance monitoring?

Osler’s GPS enabled mobile attendance app can revolutionise attendance tracking. Students simply check-in and check-out of clinical placements and classes on their phones, tablets or laptops, supported by automated mandatory class notifications.

Osler includes a suite of back-end administrative and reporting tools.



Still using Excel to manage clinical placements?

Osler Placements helps you create and modify assignments across student year cohorts, programs and locations.

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No-one likes keeping compliance records up to date.

Turn a time consuming, tedious and often disorganised process into an automated, digital experience that suits the needs of students, university admin and your hospital partners alike.

A cloud based portal, accessible to your hospital partners, allows record sharing in real-time, anywhere, anytime.


Give your students a clinical portfolio to be proud of

Extend Osler to include learning and performance so your students can transition to interns with a record of their clinical activity, junior doctor competencies and a head start in their career