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Healthcare is moving to a data-driven model for maintenance of professional standards and re-registration and Osler is your CPD Home.

In 2016 the Medical Board of Australia commissioned a report by world leading Collaboration for Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA) based in Plymouth University on the evidence base and best practice for re-registration of medical professionals. Significant gaps in existing processes in Australia were identified, and the Medical Board recently released its new position on maintenance of registration / revalidation.

Among the changes, all registered doctors will be required to nominate a CPD Home in order to be registered to practice.

In parallel, the Australian Healthcare Ministers’ Advisory Committee recently commissioned a report into Medical Intern Training. The report highlighted that while there is known and significant variation in the experience and competence of medical graduates, employers have little visibility of this variation because accurate records of competency-based training are not kept. This results in increased risk of error, unnecessary retraining, intern disenchantment and reduced productivity.

The Australian Healthcare Ministers’ Advisory Committee report into Medical Intern Training, recommended the adoption of an electronic portfolio to record activity and competency in a broad range of skills, in order to better define the capability of any individual junior doctor. If, as expected, these recommendations are adopted by COAG Health Council, many thousands of junior doctors will be required to maintain an online portfolio of their training and activity.

The Australian Healthcare Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) will soon begin registering 8000+ Australian paramedics. This will require paramedics to complete a CPD program as part of their yearly re-registration.

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