Osler - an innovative cloud-based clinical portfolio

Osler is designed for you.

Osler helps you bring together the many parts of your professional self. By aggregating feedback, learning and clinical activities, self-reflection, assessment and compliance tasks in one place, Osler provides you with the most comprehensive clinical portfolio available.

Armed with this information, you can now create your own personal career development plan, and Osler helps you stay on course.

You can also channel this data into the most dynamic and rich resume available, and share it with whomever you wish.


Accelerate your career path

By building a comprehensive record of your development, activity and validated competencies, Osler gives you an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your skills, giving you access to the best jobs and training programs, and setting you up for exam success.


Your CPD Home

Maintaining all your Continuing Professional Development data is a never-ending challenge for most clinicians. Osler helps you capture your activity simply and in real time.

Need to keep your data for 3 years? No problem. Osler is cloud-based, secure and readily accessible.

And with a range of CPD tools such as your self reflection journal, CPD diary, Patient and Peer feedback portal and self-audit tools, Osler is the ideal portfolio for every healthcare professional.


Secure documentation

These days it seems everyone wants access to your data - employers, insurers, colleges, and even your patients.

Osler helps you store important documentation such as your registration certificates, compliance documents, immunisations and much more, so you’ll always know where to find them.

You can even share them with whomever you choose - your data, your control.

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Stand out from the crowd

Armed with all this data, Osler helps you put your best foot forwards. Create an online portal to share your training, education, work history, recommendations, activity, competencies and documentation in one easy place.

“The logbook has been great for capturing and keeping track of various patients and procedures... I have been using it to log patients and procedures in anaesthetics as well as ED and ICU. I also like the easy link between the phone app and the portfolio”
— Rachel - Dual Trainee in ICU and Emergency Medicine

Get started now!

Find out how Osler can help you on your path to success - visit our sites and take advantage of a range of great free resources, including podcasts, procedure and theory modules, interactive cases, articles and quizzes.

Not only that, you can join the Osler Community, a global interconnected network of healthcare clinicians just like you!