Osler’s mission is simple: to help every clinician achieve their best.

Like our 19th Century namesake, Osler believes there is a better way to learn and train. Through the use of 21st century cloud-technologies, Osler helps individuals and institutions embrace self-reflective, data-driven practice improvement.

In supporting the pursuit of excellence, Osler helps clinicians achieve their best, drives healthcare efficiency and improves the patient experience.

Ever wondered if you’re good enough?

Deep down, it’s a question most healthcare staff have difficulty answering.


Because they simply don’t know how well they are performing. What they need is a comprehensive, benchmarked portfolio of their training, activity and feedback to guide them on their self-development path.

And that’s where Osler comes in.

Osler is committed to providing clinicians of all specialties, streams, origins and levels of experience, the information they need to monitor their own readiness for practice, and support their performance development needs.

“Osler is an exciting and powerful platform that, amongst other things, will enable me to record and interrogate my procedural experience, facilitate workplace-based evaluation of my skills, safely store details of my successes as well as identify personal targets for improvement, for the betterment of myself and for the good of my patients.”
— Dr Nihal Kumta, Anesthesia / ICU Trainee

Osler is used by:

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A comprehensive clinical portfolio that helps you achieve your goals faster:

  • Capture all your clinical activity - learning activities, procedures, patient cases, feedback and assessments

  • Achieve certification in new procedural and non procedural skills

  • Create a personal career development plan

  • Collaborate, connect and share with colleagues and peers worldwide

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Health Services

Osler assists hospitals, provider networks and ambulance services deliver a structured approach to skill development and competency validation:

  • Fully digitised and flexible assessment framework to facilitate programmatic workplace based assessment

  • Real-time visibility of workforce competency based on currency, recency of practice and clinical outcomes

  • Predictive analytics and automated workflows to better maintain accreditation

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A suite of digital tools to:

  • facilitate programmatic, workplace based assessment using an Entrustable Professional Activities model

  • provide students with a comprehensive portfolio of their validated competencies upon graduation

  • manage attendance, in-training assessment, compliance tasks and term allocations, driving significant costs from your program

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“The future is today”

Sir William Osler