Osler Learning

We all learn best through experience. The trick is to make the most of your valuable learning opportunities.

Osler Learning works on a simple framework, but is designed to work in one of the most complex learning environments known: healthcare.

Osler provides its members with a framework to support their experiential learning through our series of award winning online modules. Members are now best placed to take maximum advantage of their clinical exposure.

Rather than focus on arbitrary minimum numbers, Osler focusses on attainment of competence. Through Osler’s mobile assessment framework, learners can capture vital supervisor feedback from any known or invited assessor or peer, until they achieve independent practice standard.

Members now have a validated, objective record of their skills, experience and competency, portable wherever they go.

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Online Learning

Osler has over 50 purpose built e-learning modules, designed to give members the best chance of succeeding as they begin supervised practice.


Workplace assessment

Supervised practice is facilitated by Osler’s award winning cloud-based assessment framework, designed to improve feedback quality and accessibility.

Osler allows members to assign assessments to any supervisor or peer on their own device, facilitating realtime, verifiable assessment and feedback.


Outcome based

Based on a modified Entrustable Professional Activities rubric, Osler Assessments focus on the attainment of competency, not task completion.

Osler allows members to learn at their own pace, and drives safe and efficient practice by ensuring certifications are awarded based on outcomes.


To find out more about how Osler Learning can help you meet your goals, email us here