7 ways ICU trainees can benefit from Osler

With so many resources out there, it's hard for ICU trainees to know where to turn.  So here's the top 7 ways Osler can help you succeed in critical care, no matter whether you're a basic trainee or a senior fellow about to sit an exam.


Osler has loaded over 900 fellowship exam questions, each with the official college answer.  The bank is fully searchable by keyword, topic, category or year of exam, making it the ideal study tool to assist your preparation for the big day.

In addition, each question has a community discussion attached.  You can ask the Osler community for help about any question, create a poll, attach links and other information, or start a discussion.  This rich conversation is a unique feature of the Osler platform.



Being able to interpret clinical signs, investigations and other data is critical in the Intensive Care environment.  Being able to identify patterns can make the difference when it comes to making a diagnosis.

In addition, on average, there are up to 10 data interpretation questions in each fellowship exam, so there are plenty of reasons to be switched on.

Osler helps you here too.  Our Data Interpretation bank is full of common and not-so-common data points for you to try your hand at.  Each has an answer and a mini tutorial, making it a quick and easy way of learning about the environment you see around you.



When you first enter the ICU world, there are a lot of new, and potentially hazardous procedures that you'll need to learn.  Think central lines, pleural drains, intubation, transportation of a ventilated patient...

With limited opportunities, you need a framework that helps you learn as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Osler's procedural learning modules give you a great foundation - learn about each procedure in our rich, multimedia, interactive online modules.

Then, you can start performing these procedures under supervision, capturing structured feedback from any supervisor to add to your portfolio.  Eventually, when you're performing at the required standard, you can even earn a certification to demonstrate your progress whenever you need to.

Check out one of our online modules here



The world of ICU can be quite daunting when you first start, so Osler makes the basics easy.  Take the examination of the ICU patient for example, or arterial blood gases, or interpretation of the Chest Xray...

With modules being released regularly, this is the easiest, most cost effective way of coming up to speed there is.



Keeping up to date with the latest literature can be challenging, so we've done the hard work for you.  Osler's Journal Review modules give you the nuts and bolts of the latest trials in an easily digestible format.  You can follow a learning branch if you want to explore in more detail, or whiz through the basics.

Each module has a quiz and will automatically appear in your personal Continuing Professional Development diary as evidence of your learning.



Osler is the perfect way to connect with your colleagues and peers around the country, and the world beyond.

Join a group, ask questions, share information, and collaborate with your peers.  You can even create your own groups.



Last but not least, Osler is the only logbook you'll ever need.  You can record every patient, procedure or CPD activity you perform, right there at the bedside, on your Osler mobile app. 

Osler's world-class analytics help you crunch the numbers, analyse your performance and benchmark yourself against your peers.

Built on an enterprise grade platform, you'll never run the risk of losing all your data again.



Best of all, you can try all of this and more when you register for a free trial.  What have you got to lose?